Rave Orthodontics

Virtual Consultation

Selfie Smile Assesment

Getting a plan to correct your smile is as simple as sending us some selfies. When you complete our virtual smile assessment you’ll submit pictures of your bite and smile. From there, Dr. Ravassipour will review your submission and come up with an orthodontic treatment plan. Before you even come into our office, you’ll know what treatment options you have and have a quote for braces or Invisalign®.

How It Works

We use Orthodontic Screening software so you can easily follow an 8-step process to get us everything we need to review your smile and recommend treatment. One you submit your information, we will reach out to set up a virtual appointment with Dr. Ravassipour.

1. Smile


2. Snap

step 2 take close up of your teeth

3. Send!

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